The process of building your dream home


The right location for your home depends on hundreds of factors and depends on your wishes and budget. Don't have a lot yet? We have an information page to get you started. Are you still checking whether you can arrange the financing? We have tips for that too!

Do you have an (option on a) plot and do you want to know if it is possible to place one of the houses? We can do a no-obligation check of the zoning plan for you to determine what the options are. Interested? Call us for an appointment!

Certainly building your new home start with having a plot of land. The price of the plot can differ significantly depending on the location and the type of area which is located, urban.... Next to the text, you can see the page describing all the information you need, so you can start searching for your plot of land for your dream energy-efficient house.

If you have an option for a specific parcel, we are able to do a construction check about what are the possibilities of a specific plot! If you have a plot and you are interested in what you can do with it, please give us a call or fill the contact form and state your intentions.

Design phase

After you have a plot for construction, a custom made house will be designed based on your wishes. We take into account your budget, family size, and your personal wishes. After you come in contact with us, you will receive a questionnaire. After we receive the information from this questionnaire, we see what kind of past project we have done and we send you those projects. The idea is that if you want to build your new home based on past idea projects, you do not have any additional costs for the idea project. 

However, if you would like to have your new unique custom-made home, based on your specifications, fitting your budget, our team will design a few proposals you can choose from. We assure you that your home will look like not others.

When you are completely satisfied with the design proposed, all the documents are submitted to the municipality for the construction permit. Once all the documents are approved, we can start with the construction of your new home.


Once the permit is issued, we provide you a detailed offer with all the work which has to be done on the construction site. Once you agree with the offer and sign the contract, we can start with building your new energy-efficient home.

Implementation of the project

All wooden parts for the house are milled and delivered to the contractor as a kit. The house is largely assembled indoors, complete with window frames, interior walls and bathrooms. The foundation is placed on site. 

The houses are built in the factory, all the doors, windows are attached to the walls, which are then assembled at the plot. This leaves no room for construction error and the implementation of the house can be done much faster.

After the house is assembled in the factory of Ecozid, it is transported by truck to the construction site, when all the panels are lifted with a crane and it is attached to the fundament. Since then all the parts have to be connected together. Electricity, water and sewage connections have to be done too, all of those processes take time. However, from start to finish the process can take from 3 to 4 months for a house of 150 m2.

You can come to visit the construction site at any time, but we prefer to have appointments. After your home is finished, you can come to have a walk to see the final result. You can choose to have a delivery inspection done with, the Vereniging Eigen Huis or other inspection institution. The contractor then has a few weeks to complete the final delivery points.